Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10th 2014

Cardigan: Miss Sixty
Boots: Miista from Free People
Necklace: Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5th 2014

This is one of the first dresses that I've made [that i'm at least proud of and would totally tell people I made it].  It's more of a reworked dress.  The base is the green scoop back dress with the sequin detailing by Scott McClintock.  I bought it from Goodwill!  WHAT!  It was originally a size 14.  I took it home and tucked it away for the past year.  After washing it... 
Side Note: Always wash things from Goodwill! or eBAy!  There was that woman who died buying her wedding dress from eBay cause somebody grave-robbed it and she was allergic to formaldehyde!
Anyways, after washing it I took in the dress at the seam and zipper.  It was still missing something.  The bottom went straight down except the back which had the pleating.  When I went to Joann Fabric the flannel was 60% off.  I couldn't resist. I sewed in the triangle pieces, each one with an asymmetrical edge.  The problem is that i decided to keep the back pleated area cause everytime I tried the dress on I absolutely loved it, but with my zeal I cut the bottom off... a lot.  I sewed leftover flannel to extend the dress to the floor and VOILA!
I Love it.
My husband Hates it.
He can pry it off me.  He now has two reasons for undressing me.